AZ50 Galvalume Steel Coil

AZ50 galvalume steel is a zinc alloy type with a zinc base. It is an alloy with up to 50% aluminum, giving it its characteristic white color. This type of steel is very versatile, making it suitable for many different applications.

What is AZ50 Galvalume steel coil?

AZ50 galvalume is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel. It is made from a combination of aluminum and zinc, with a minimum of 50% aluminum.

It’s not just for the exterior of your home – AZ50 galvalume can also be used for structural purposes and industrial applications. This alloy has many benefits, including superior strength, impact resistance, and excellent weldability.

What does AZ50 mean?

AZ50 means that the total both sides of the aluminum-zinc alloy coating in the  Triple-Spot Test in the ASTM a972 standard are 0.50 oz/square foot, which is equivalent to 150g/square meter.

AZ50 galvalume is a type of steel that has been coated with aluminum. It’s a prevalent choice for roofing because it’s incredibly durable and can be painted any color.

The AZ stands for aluminum-zinc alloy, which is what the steel coating is made of. Galvanized steel has been dipped in molten zinc to protect it from corrosion. Galvalume is galvanized steel that has also been coated with aluminum.

Galvalume comes in various grades, including AZ50, and AZ70. The rate refers to the thickness of the protective coating on top of the metal: The higher the number, the thicker it is – and therefore, more durable and longer lasting.

AZ50 vs. AZ55 Galvalume

AZ50 is a standard alloy that’s been around for decades. It’s easy to work with, affordable, and has a wide range of applications – but it doesn’t hold up well in extreme weather or high-stress environments.

The aluminum-zinc alloy coating weight of AZ55 is 0.55oz per square foot, so it is more corrosion-resistant than AZ50, and is more suitable for the use of metal roofs containing az55 in coastal buildings


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