Alloy steel pipe

Alloy pipe belongs to a seamless steel pipe, its performance is more than an ordinary seamless steel pipe. Alloy steel pipes are mainly used in process pipelines with strict process requirements and relatively high medium temperature and pressure.

Because alloy steel pipe has high hardness, high resistance to high temperature, high pressure, wear resistance, and other excellent properties, it has become the basis for enterprises to ensure safe and stable production and the basis for enterprises to pursue maximum benefits. Alloy pipes are an important part of steel products.

Alloy steel pipe specification

Standard/codeASTM, GB, ASTMA213-2001, ANSIA213-2001
Outer Diameter19-610mm
TechnicalHot rolled
ApplicationFluid, oil, gas, water transport, etc.

Alloy steel seamless pipes

Alloy steel pipe has good performance, has good adaptability to high temperature, high pressure, and friction, and has high hardness.

Therefore, it is widely used in the production and transportation of petrochemical enterprises and nuclear power plants. It can realize the effective transportation of gas and liquid media.

Therefore, the quality of its pipelines is of great help to the stable development of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the welding technology of the alloy steel pipe installation process and to effectively manage the welding process to achieve welding. Effective quality control promotes the safety and reliability of pipeline transportation.

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