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Looking for EN 10169 Prepainted Steel Coil

EN 10169

EN 10169 provides organic coated (coil coated) steel flat products standards. It also provides the specific performance requirements for these products. Countries adopting this guideline can set national provisions. The said document should outline the relationships between coating performances.

What is EN 10169?

EN 10169 is a European technical standard for steel flat products. It includes the requirements for coating weights, thicknesses, and frequencies.

This document standard has three recognized versions. These versions are English, French, and German. It also describes in detail the specific products covered by the standard. The same standard includes steel flat products’ dimensions, materials, and performance requirements. Yet, it does not apply to electrical steel and tin mill products.

The current EN 10169 is the revised version of the 1997 guideline. The amendments took effect last March of the current year.

Organic Coatings

EN 10169 ensures you can protect steel flat products from corrosion. Manufacturers should only use organic coatings in their products. Yet, buyers have the choice to specify to their suppliers the type of coating that they need.

The standard also specifies that the type of coatings should meet the users’ needs. Products should likewise be flexible, corrosion-protected/resistant, and UV resistant.

The requirements under EN 10169 are vital. It helps makers of flat metal products organic coated flat steel keep the quality of their work.


Compliance with this guideline means the coil-coated steel flat products are high-quality. Yet, it doesn’t mean they’re immune to legal objections.

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