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EN 10130

The specifications and delivery-related technical conditions for low carbon steel flat products that have been cold rolled are described in EN 10130 as approved by CEN last October 2006.

What is EN 10130?

EN 10130 is a European Standard that applies to cold rolled low carbon steel flat products for cold forming, which specifies its manufacturing requirements and technical delivery conditions. 

These products are produced in a dimension equal to or more than 600 millimeters and with a minimum thickness of 0.35 millimeters. Unless specifically specified at the time of inquiry and order, it is delivered in sheet, coil, and slit coil with a dimension of equal to or less than 3 millimeters. It may also be customized cut length from a slit coil or sheet.

EN 10130 does not cover standard specifications for cold-rolled narrow strips that are less than 600 millimeters in dimension.

EN 10130 Equivalent

Cold rolled low carbon steel flat product meeting European standards intended for cold forming is the DC01 steel (1.0330 material). However, other steel grades are included in the BS and DIN EN 10130 standard, such as DC03 (1.0347), DC04 (1.0338), DC05 (1.0312), DC06 (1.0873), and DC07 (1.0898).


It is essential to follow the standard requirements to ensure that locally manufactured steel products maintain excellence and quality.

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