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DX51D Galvanized steel Coil
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DX: The first letter D represents flat steel for cold forming, and the second letter X represents that the rolling state of the substrate is not specified.

51~57: The numbers indicate the steel grade serial number; the D after the two digits is the code of hot-dip galvanizing. Z means that the coating is pure zinc, ZF means galvanized iron alloy, AZ means galvanized zinc.

DX51D is a European standard, galvanized with 51 steel coil raw materials, equivalent to SGCC. DX51D refers to the bending and forming grade galvanized steel coil sheet, the steel grade serial number is 51, with low carbon steel as the base material.

DX51 Material

The material of the dx51d galvanized sheet is a non-ferrous alloy composed of zinc as the matrix and adding other elements. The main alloying elements are aluminum, copper, magnesium, and so on. Zinc alloy has a low melting point, good fluidity is easy to be plastically processed and welded, and is resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

According to the manufacturing process, it is divided into cast zinc alloy and deformed zinc alloy. Commonly used cast zinc alloys are zinc-aluminum-copper-magnesium alloys, which have good casting process performance, and the cooling rate has little effect on mechanical properties. They are mostly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts, toys, decorations, and household appliances.

Commonly used wrought zinc alloys are zinc-aluminum alloy and zinc-copper alloy.

The former contains 4% to 15% of aluminum. In order to improve the strength and hardness of the alloy, a small amount of alloying elements such as copper and magnesium are also added. It has high strength and is easy to shape, and can replace some brass or duralumin to make precision forgings.

The latter contains 0.7% to 1.5% copper. Copper can increase alloy strength and impact toughness, and reduce plasticity. Zinc-copper alloy is suitable for making daily hardware products or replacing parts of brass.

In addition, there are zinc-titanium-based, zinc-lead-cadmium-iron-based deformed zinc alloys. The supply status of wrought zinc alloy is wire, plate, forging or extrusion, etc.

Chemical composition of DX51D steel

DX51D is a galvanized sheet of bending and forming grade, the steel grade serial number is 51, with low carbon steel as the base material.

Steel grade serial numbers 52-56 are steel plates or strips for stamping.

The main chemical components of DX51D are as follows:


Mechanical properties of DX51D steel

QualityMaterial-No.Possible coatingTesting directionYield point Rp0,2 (MPa)Minimum yield strength, ReH (MPa)Minimum elongation ratio, %Nominal gauge, mm
DX51D1.0917+Z, +ZF, +ZA, +AZ, +AS, +ZMQ-270-500220.57-2.00

DX51D equivalent

  • Japanese standard SGCC JIS G 3302
  • Chinese Standard 01 gb2518-2004
  • German standard ST02Z
  • American Standard CS-B ASTM A 653

DX51D+Z275 definition

DX51D+Z275 refers to a common material galvanized coil with a galvanized layer of 275g.

DX51D+Z is called hot-dip galvanizing, and 275 represents 275 grams of zinc plated. That is to say, a layer of zinc is plated on the hot-dip galvanizing.

In general, N refers to the fingerprint-resistant coating on the surface. A refers to the A-level surface. C represents roll, coil, generally 1.0*1250*C (thickness, width, length), generally, rolls are random, represented by C.

DX51D+Z275 MAC

DX51D+Z275 refers to hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing is coated with a layer of zinc. 275 represents 275 grams of zinc.

The substrate used in hot-dip galvanizing is cold-rolled, and the zinc plating on the cold-rolled sheet is called galvanizing. Ordinary hot-dip galvanizing is 80 grams. 140 and 275 are high zinc layers, and the purpose of hot-dip galvanizing is to prevent the steel from rusting.

  • Z275 zinc layer quality 275g/㎡ (double-sided)
  • M without spangle
  • A Normal surface
  • C Passivation treatment

For galvanized steel, only by fully understanding its various aspects, can we make better use of it, give full play to its maximum role, and serve us.

DX51D vs DC51D

DX51D and DC51D refer to the material of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. The difference between the two is as follows:

1. Different grades

DX51D is an EU brand, and DC51D is a special brand of Baosteel.

2. Different standards

DX51D uses the EN10327 standard, and DC51D uses the Q/BQB402 standard.

2. Different substrates

DX51D uses the same level as DC01 when the base plate is cold-rolled, and the same level as DD11 when it is hot. DC51D substrate is DC01 cold rolled low carbon steel plate.

DX51D Application

Galvanized products are widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery, energy, transportation, chemical industry, light industry, household appliances, construction, communication, and national defense, etc., and they have a wide range of uses. The main uses are as follows:

Industry: all kinds of industrial pipes, air ducts, all kinds of corrosion-resistant parts, outdoor cabinet frame structure, etc.

Construction industry: all kinds of industrial and commercial civil buildings, processing plants, airports, stadiums, mobile homes, etc., galvanized steel is mainly used for rainwater drainage pipes, ventilation pipes, doors and windows, roofs, new wall light steel keel, ceiling keel, Corrugated board, rolling shutter door, sandwich board, fence, and various light steel structure workshops.

Household appliances: Galvanized steel is mainly used in air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, refrigerators, VCD machines, color TVs, water heaters, kitchen equipment, radio cassette recorders, video recorders, etc.

Light industry and commerce: Galvanized steel is mainly used to make cylinders, barrels, boxes, furnace tubes, billboards, traffic signs, armored cables, straps, containers, chimneys, etc.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishery: galvanized steel is mainly used to make granaries, drying equipment, storage, and transportation containers, fishery wire ropes, nets, freezers, various corrosion-resistant frames for marine use, plastic greenhouse structures, agricultural tools, etc.

Transportation industry: the inner and outer panels of various vehicles, body brackets, other corrosion-resistant parts, highway guardrails, street light poles, highway isolation nets, isolation railings, various indicator signs, railways, ships, docks, and other places.

Chemical industry: all kinds of corrosion-resistant pipes, conduits, containers for chemical products, corrosion-resistant parts of chemical equipment, etc.

Electricity power communication industry: various power transmission towers, TV transmission towers, relay towers, pager transmission towers, satellite ground relay towers, cable supports, etc.


The article introduces the materials, chemical composition, and mechanical properties of DX51D.

As the grade of DX51D galvanized steel sheet has strong anti-corrosion performance, it is currently widely used in construction, home appliances, vehicles and ships, container manufacturing, electromechanical industries, etc., and has a good development prospect.

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