DX51D Meaning

DX: The first letter D represents flat steel for cold forming, and the second letter X represents that the rolling state of the substrate is not specified.

51~57: The numbers indicate the steel grade serial number; the D after the two digits is the code of hot-dip galvanizing. Z means that the coating is pure zinc, ZF means galvanized iron alloy, AZ means galvanized zinc.

DX51D is a European standard, galvanized with 51 steel coil raw materials, equivalent to SGCC. DX51D refers to the bending and forming grade galvanized sheet, the steel grade serial number is 51, with low carbon steel as the base material.

Chemical composition of DX51D steel

DX51D is a galvanized sheet of bending and forming grade, the steel grade serial number is 51, with low carbon steel as the base material.

Steel grade serial numbers 52-56 are steel plates or strips for stamping.

The main chemical components of DX51D are as follows:


DX51D equivalent

  • Japanese standard SGCC JIS G 3302
  • Chinese Standard 01 gb2518-2004
  • German standard ST02Z
  • American Standard CS-B ASTM A 653

DX51D+Z275 MAC

DX51D+Z275 refers to hot-dip galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing is coated with a layer of zinc. 275 represents 275 grams of zinc.

The substrate used in hot-dip galvanizing is cold-rolled, and the zinc plating on the cold-rolled sheet is called galvanizing. Ordinary hot-dip galvanizing is 80 grams. 140 and 275 are high zinc layers, and the purpose of hot-dip galvanizing is to prevent the steel from rusting.

  • Z275 zinc layer quality 275g/㎡ (double-sided)
  • M without spangle
  • A Normal surface
  • C Passivation treatment


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