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ASTM A1008

If you’re looking for tough steel material, ASTM A1008 is standard-grade carbon steel. It is used in various construction applications, even in aerospace industries.

What is ASTM A1008?

ASTM A1008 is a type of carbon steel used for a wide variety of applications that need high strength and toughness. It is used in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries.

It is a type of steel used for manufacturing parts that are subjected to high pressure, such as hydraulic cylinder parts and valves. It is usually used in the form of plates, sheets, bars, and tubes.

What is 1008  steel used for?

ASTM A1008 is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry. It is used in everything from bridges and buildings to guardrails and handrails. It’s most commonly used in the creation of gears and other machinery parts, but it can be used in a variety of other applications as well.

It’s also common in transportation, particularly as structural support for trains, buses, and automobiles.

This material has many benefits over other types of steel: it’s easy to weld and can be bent without much difficulty or distortion; it’s resistant to corrosion, and it has a high yield strength (4125 megapascals). It also has good impact strength (1750 megapascals).

What is 1008 chemical composition?

The name “1008” comes from its chemical composition: 0.08% to 1.2% carbon content by weight, making it medium-carbon steel. This means that 1008 steel is more than 99% iron, which gives it a high level of durability and strength. It has good toughness and strength at both low and high temperatures.


ASTM A1008 cold-rolled steel sheets are available in the market in the following designations:

  • Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)
  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS)
  • Structural Steel (SS)
  • High-Strength, Low-Alloy Steel (HSLAS)
  • High-Strength, Low-Alloy Steel with Improved Formability (HSLAS-F)
  • Solution Hardened Steel (SHS)
  • Bake Hardenable Steel (BHS)

ASTM A1008 Equivalent

The ASTM A1008 has equivalent materials but some may have slight differences in composition and parameters. You may check its equivalent in some supplier sites.


ASTM A1008 is a good choice for many applications during construction projects where steel reinforcements may need extra protection.

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